• Online CPD courses for all levels of clinicians working in 

    Emergency or Critical Care Medicine.

    We are a team of highly experienced emergency and critical care doctors and paramedics with 20+ years of clinical and educational experience. Our mission is to help enthusiastic and passionate learners to become excellent clinicians: understand the principles, and use their knowledge and skills in all scenarios with success. We learned from experience that making things "short and simple" will help candidates understand complicated topics, gain self-confidence and enjoy the educational experience. We will help you ignore the clinically irrelevant (and uninteresting) details and choose to focus on the essential elements.

    These affordable courses vary in length and complexity. Some were developed and accredited by the College of Remote and Offshore Medicine (www.corom.edu.mt), others were created for the Emergency Medicine Training Hub (www.emth.co.uk - training for the East Surrey Hospital Emergency Department, Redhill, UK), and some were developed for the RCEM (Royal College of Emergency Medicine) regional training days.

Available courses

Welcome to the IBSC-accredited Aeromedical and Critical Care Exam Revision Course

 is the most comprehensive online revision course preparing students for the complex BCCTPC CCP-C / FP-C Certificate exams. The course is also accredited for revalidation of these certificates and earns CPD points valid towards MSc studies with the College of Remote and Offshore Medicine.

Fully Accredited Online Revision Course for the CCP-C and FP-C Certificates

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IBSC Accredited
 Course with 21 Course Modules: 8 fundamental theoretical, 12 clinical exam revisions and a practice exam module, 61 interactive lectures (SCORM packages), 50 video tutorials and 14 practice MCQ tests, webinars, student forums, and an open-source glossary. 

Upon completing this course, you can sit for the IBSC Critical Care Paramedic and Flight Paramedic exams with confidence and competence or use the CPD credit towards recertifying your credentials.

The College of Remote and Offshore Medicine offers all 21 modules for a single subscription of £249.00, valid for one year.