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by Csaba Dioszeghy -

Dear Students,

COROM has now moved all its online courses to Moodle - a state-of-the-art online learning platform widely used by Universities, schools and other educational and training organizations. Therefore, the online modules used to be hosted on Talent.LMS platform (ACC-701, ACC-703, ACC-704 modules of the MSc in Austere Critical Care studies and the Aeromedical and Critical Care Transport Paramedic CPD Course) had been migrated.

All currently active accounts have been moved over to the NEW COROM MOODLE SITE with all previous achievements registered. 

The website for the Aeromedical and Critical Care Transport Course is:   

The website for all the courses related to the Masters in Austere Critical Care course (ACC701, ACC703) courses is:  HTTP://classroom.corom.edu.mt

If you encounter any difficulties with your new account, registered achievements (grades) or accessing any module or activity, get in touch immediately.

I hope you will enjoy the new online platform.

Dr Csaba Dioszeghy - Head of Critical Care Department for CoROM